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Journal of Advanced Geospatial Science & Technology (JAGST): Vol. 3, No. 2 2023 (
Journal of Advanced Geospatial Science & Technology (JAGST) welcomes quality research in the area of Advances on Geospatial science & technology) for the use of Natural science, space atmosphere and also empirical studies that involves: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Deep learning, IoT, sensors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone), Light Detection and Ranging, (Lidar), Hyperspectral and High spatial resolution satellite data application, ground penetration radar (GPR), Laser scanning, Big geo data including geo cloud computing, Geovisual analytics and modelling, 3D and multi- dimensions Geographic Information System (GIS), Advances in Geo-crowdsourcing and Volunteered Geographic Information, Advances in geodesy, geodynamics, and deformation monitoring, Ocean dynamics and tidal modeling & Advances in satellite geodesy, photogrammetry and hydrography