Real Estate

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Najib Bin Mohamed Razali
Director of Real Estate,
Faculty of Built Environment & Surveying,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
UTM Skudai, 81310 Johor, Malaysia.

Tel: +60755030422


The Department of Real Estate was established in 1975 seeks to meet the academic challenges of the real estate profession. A large proportion of graduates follow a professional career as valuers, property managers, estate agents, fund manager and facilities manager. Real estate professional usually develop a specialism and traditionally undergraduate education for these specialist sections has been largely independent, but increasingly the environment of real estate has shown that this position can no longer be sustained. The Department’s graduate taught courses and its research degree program reflect the same philosophy with a prime objective being to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries in finding solutions to problems associated with land, real estate and property business.

The Department has developed many international links in the region, as well as in Europe and Africa. It has helped to develop courses in Indonesia and has hosted visits from the foreign universities. Students have made a number of formal visits to countries throughout the region and staff is involved in academic exchanges with Universities in the region and further afield. This international activity is clearly reflected in the publications of the academic staff.


To produce knowledgeable and skill professional of real estate professional at world class level.


Facilitate knowledge exchange, explore emerging best practices and spur development in real estate area among the to turn this mission of the next industrial revolution into reality.



The property management degree programme run by the department is the rst real estate degree programme in the country. The programme is mainly designed to meet the different real estate professional needs in the region. From time to time changes were made to the programme to re ect the changing needs of the industry.The competitiveness of the real estate industry across the region has affected practitioner’s expectation of graduates in the eld. The changing trend in the industry from purely knowledge based professionals to one with knowledge and human skills have change the way real estate professionals are trained. Currently the outcome based education (OBE) is being practiced here to ensure that the objectives of the programs are attained.

The sub-disciplines covered in the programme include:
• Property Valuation
• Building and Facilities Management
• Property Marketing
• Property Investment
• Property Development
• Information System and Computer Science
• Law
• Property Economics


The objective of this programme is to produce graduates who are:

i) Meet market demand.
ii) Become skillful and expertise in real estate profession.
iii) Generate and establish good relationship with real estate industries.
iv) Convey effective communication and embraces qualities leadership.
v) Engage in life-long learning.
vi) Cultivate the culture of effective team working.
v) Inculcate business and entrepreneurship skills.
vi) Think creative and innovatively.



Bachelor of Science in Land Administration and Development is designed to produce graduates who are competent and knowledgeable in land matters to manage the challenges of land administration system in the 21st century. It is the intention of this programme to make land administration as one of the profession that could enhance the land delivery system of the nation.

The sub-disciplines covered in the programme include :
• Property Development
• Property Valuation
• Property Marketing
• Property Investment
• Property Economies

Graduates are currently employed in public and private sectors. They are also capable to establish their own practice offering services to clients of diverse backgrounds, relating to land administration, management and development.

The syllabus of the programme has been designed to include subjects ranging from law, policy, planning, economics, surveying, valuation, and land development to subjects on technical matters such as land information system including Geographic Information System (GIS), and the institutional set up of the Malaysian Land Administration System.


The objectives of the programme is to produce graduates:
i) Who are competent and able to solve land related matters diligently, critically and logically.
ii) Who possess leadership and professional qualities as well as able to contribute to the administration, management and development of land locally and globally.
iii) Who are able to work in societies with different background and cultures as to achieve common goals in land related activities.
iv) Who are able to communicate ef ciently across a range of contexts and audiences within the land related profession.
v) Who are able to respond and adapt readily to changing situations and able to instil lifelong learning ability as well as ability to acquire knowledge and skills independently.
vi) Who are responsible and are highly dedicated to serve Allah, the Community and the Nation.