Lecture to MSc students and others


Date : Thursday, 10 May 2012

Time : 2.30 pm- 4.30 pm

Venue : Seminar Room 1, Faculty of Built Environment


The trend in managing construction disputes is to incorporate the most appropriate dispute resolution mechanism into the construction contract, thus avoiding disputes or quickly resolving them when they do arise. Many new, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms have been developed and most construction contracts have either one of the dispute resolution mechanisms, or a combination of them in the form of a multi-tiered dispute resolution (DR) mechanism, incorporated into their contracts, particularly for their large international construction projects. Such development has been acknowledged as the “disputology” in all construction activities.  For disputes in international construction projects, there are more than just rights and interests of the parties to be considered.  Professor Chan extends the consideration of “interests- rights” to consider other factors including politics, law and cultural compatibility in international construction projects. In arriving at the dispute Resolution pattern, he will examine the characteristics, limitations and legal implications of different dispute resolution mechanisms through a systematic analysis.