Master of Science (Real Estate)


The Master of Science (Real Estate) course consists of 5 core courses, 4 elective courses and 1 University course., In addition to these subjects students are required to submit a Master Project worth of 6 credits. To graduate, students must complete a total 45 credits and they are assessed through assignments, presentations and final examination.

Course Synopsis
Course Code Course Name Synopsis
MGHP 1114 Strategic Asset Management The purpose of this course is to provide a framework to manage all assets from an organisational perspective. The key focus areas include providing an asset base that matches and supports the business needs, consolidating existing corporate capital assets and optimising asset utilization, meeting statutory compliance obligations; and aligning asset operating costs with business planning and service delivery requirements.
MGHP 1514 Strategic Facilities Management This course introduces the important strategic elements of facilities management. Topics include facilities management in a strategic framework, the changing business world, facilities management as a business case, quality managed facilities towards a customer focused organisation, business process re-engineering, managing the FM business. Also strategic purchasing for competitive advantage, determining procurement and resourcing strategy and organisational case studies.
MGHP 1124 Real Estate Business and Marketing This course introduces real estate business and marketing, and is divided into two parts. The first part covers introduction to real estate business and real estate business environment. For the second part, it provides a broad scope and introduces the main aspects of marketing, including marketing planning, management and implementation.
MGHP 1154 Research Methodology This course enables students to identify and apply appropriate research methodologies in order to plan, conduct and evaluate research in real estate-related fields. This course will enable students to distinguish between scientific methods and common sense knowledge while laying the foundation for research skills at higher levels.
MGHP 1196 Master Project This course provides opportunity for the students to design and enact an individual research project at the master level, and present it in the form of a master dissertation. The master project forms part of the overall study leading to the award of Real Estate Business. A high standard of achievement will be expected from the students. The project aims to develop intellectual interest among students and to demonstrate their ability for research.
MGHP 1534 Real Estate Valuation The course provides a framework for the study of advanced valuation techniques towards an objective methodology of real estate valuation. Review the traditional valuation methods. A discussion of new valuation technology includes financial analysis, statistical model and spatial statistical analysis using geographic information system (GIS).
MGHP 1544 Real Estate Development Introduction to property development (development theory, process, timing and market), regulations and their effect on property development decisions (government regulations, development control, tax, etc.), property development measurement (property investment, financial measures; financing in real estate investment; property development investment and finance), property development appraisal (cashflow construction and sensitivity analysis, risk analysis and return) and environmental risks in property development
MGHP 1134 Corporate Real Estate Asset Management This course assesses corporate real estate asset management by examining the role of real estate in corporations. It evaluates real estate management in a strategic manner which offers assistance towards making objective real estate decision-making. This supports value enhancement of corporate real estate assets in order to realign real estate with business strategy.
MGHP 1144 Real Estate Market Research This course is a continuation of the undergraduate curriculum, focusing on more rigorous approaches to property market research. It comprises basic theories with some similar grounds to the undergraduate level but with additional depth on the analytical elements such as data and analysis methods with more emphasis on the quantitative aspects.
MGHP 1524 Real Estate Investment Analysis The course provides various aspects of real estate investment analysis. The discussions are mainly on the implications of the financial aspects and investment performance of real estate investment. Real estate investment analysis is one the important components of decision-making exercises as real estate decision would be crucial for any organisation to deal with.
Programme Structure

Table 4: Curriculum for Master of Science (Real Estate) Programme

Codes Courses Credits
UHAW 6023 University Subject 3
MGHP 1114 Strategic Asset Management 4
MGHP 1124 Real Estate Business and Marketing 4
MGHP 1144 Real Estate Market research 4
MGHP 1134 Corporate Real Estate Asset Management 4
MGHP 1154 Research Methodology 4
MGHP 1534 Real Estate Valuation 4
MGHP 1524 Real Estate Investment Analysis 4
MGHP 1514 Strategic Facilities Management 4
MGHP 1544 Real Estate Development 4
MGHP 1196 Master Project 6
Class Schedule 2022/2023 - 1