Greenovation Research Group conducted a workshop on Child Friendly Cities at Makassar on 3 to 4 April 2017. From the group, four PhD students, Irfan Suria, Joharudin Samion, Mega Suria and Arti Manikam assisted Dr Ismail Said and Dr Nor Zalina Harun from IIUM to teach fifty 3rd year students from Department of Urban Planning, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin in Makassar.

They taught how to design five urban spaces as children playspaces in less-privileged neighborhood, an open space beside a park, and a upper class neighborhood. The Alauddin’s students were much delighted to learn the fast approach of designing the children’s environment. The hospitality given by docents and dean of Faculty of Sainstex at Alauddin was superb. Greenovation plans to come again to Makassar in March 2018.