Master of Science (Construction Contract Management)


The programme is designed based on the conception that: “a project manager or contract manager” will be more adept in evaluating and selecting a contracting system that is most appropriate to the requirements of the work and conforming to the economic, legal, cost, time and quality requirements and managing it efficiently and effectively, if they are knowledgeable in the principles and philosophy of construction law and operational aspects of the various project procurement and contracting systems”. Contract managers are required to monitor the cost, scope, quality, and time frame and must ensure that all contract conditions are met. This important job affects both the financial and the actual success of the project or company.

Mode and Duration of Study
Mode of Study : Full-time
Minimum Duration : 1 year
Maximum Duration : 2 years
Classification of Courses
Classification Credits Percentage
1. University

a. General

b. Research Methodology

2. Programme Core 19 46.4
3. Programme Electives 10 24.4
4. Master Project 6 14.6
Total  41 100
Award Requirements

For the award of Master of Science (Construction Contract Management), the students should achieve a total minimum of 41 credit hours with minimum CPA of 3.0, including the completion of Research Project.