A group of Landscape Architecture students of Faculty Built Environment formed 3D Mural Wall Art team supervised by Dr. Lee Yoke Lai and Dr. Sapura Mohamad had accomplished mural art painting at Faculty Science-C18, UTM. This mural art project was started from 5th April and completed on 8th April 2017 collaboration with Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPM) and patron by Earth Society members under GEMPAK’17 program conducted by the MPM.

The mural art theme ‘Where Great Mind are Nurtured’ is in line with the faculty vision which is to be known around the world in science and mathematics field that produced experts in it fields. Thus, the mural wall art design contained three major elements to epitomize Physics, Chemistry, and Science Mathematics Departments representing Faculty Science. Indeed, the mural painting inspirations have nurtures a great teamwork among UTM communities.