Governance involving the public and private sectors, meaningful participation of stakeholders and conservation management are essential for sustainable tourism development in Protected Area (PA).  Kinabalu Park a Type II Protected Area and a World Heritage site for the natural category gazetted in year 2000 had undergone several changes in its management and governance since its establishment in 1964.  The recognition that tourism is private driven, business oriented and capacity building with sustainable tourism as the guiding principle has made Kinabalu Park what it is today, a main tourist destination in Malaysia Borneo.  These are the main points emphasised by Dr. Goh Hong Ching at her talk entitled “Influence of Park Governance on Tourism Development in Kinabalu Park Malaysia Borneo”, on 20th November 2014.  The talk held at the Faculty of Built Environment Seminar Room, Level 3, B03 was attended by students and academic staff of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM Johor Bahru.  Dr. Goh is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.  She is an alumni of the Department and a Visiting Scholar with the MIT-UTM Sustainable City Program.