On 25th April, 27 members from Green Innovation Research Group (GIRG) participated with 9 members from Centre of Advanced Studies for Architecture (CASA), National University of Singapore, in a colloquium. The gathering was held at CASA. GIRG was led by Dr Ismail Said and accompanied by Dr Remaz and Dr Hisyam whereas CASA was headed by Prof Johannes Widodo. The aim of the gathering to allow postgraduate students from UTM and NUS to present their research works, thus to gain feedback how to improve the research quality. All research focused on Asian centric studies on built environment and human behaviour.

Ten papers, five from each laboratory, were presented—view schedule of presentation. The papers were categorised into three themes: comfort and leisure, historic places, and urbanism.

The next colloquium is in September 2012 at UTM.

This photo was taken after the colloquium between GIRG and CASA at School of Design and Environment, National University Singapore on 25th April 2012