Venue:  Teluk Gorek, Penyabong, Johor Darul Takzim
Date: 29-31 July 2010
Theme: Indigenous


On 29-31 July 2010, the Department of Landscape Architecture from Faculty of Built Environment UTM with the cooperation of EARTH society hosted the 5th ESCAPE 2010 at Teluk Gorek, Endau, Johor Darul Takzim. All first year students and the seniors from second until final year  participated in the 3 days 2 nights event.

The Head of Landscape Department, Associate Professor Dr. Ismail Said, launched the opening ceremony with a brief and interesting introduction especially for the first year students.  The activities held on the first day were “Ice Breaking” whereby the first year students were required to introduce themselves and they were given a warm welcome by the whole department.  On the second day, “Aerobic” as well as ‘pocho-pocho’ dances invigorated the morning session and the other activities held there after were “Heartscape” and “Naturescape” whereby all the participating teams working spirit and creativities were put to test. Fun and laughter filled the air when the students were required to present their artworks in a showcase. After the delightful lunch (white rice + salted fish + variety of ulams) the heart stomping event of ” Explorescape” was launched. Lecturers and students had to race against time in completing one task performing station upon another meaning exploring the whole bay. The events ended when team number nine declared their victory. “Sportscape” was cancelled due to the utter exhaustion but was replaced by a more awaited and refreshing activity, that was, swimming in the sea.

The night event was interesting when two senior students who did their industrial training in Shanghai happily shared their overseas experience with the rest of the department. The highlight of the night was “ Culturescape” when  again every group was  tested on their  ability to work creatively in coming  out with a performance within a short time given.  The lecturers did not disappoint the students when their representative,   Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Sarofil Abu Bakar performed a singing duet that night with an international student, Pan Mae Bao. Later, the lecturers staged a short entertaining drama portraying “Kasim Selamat”.  The activities continued through the night even after midnight. The barbeque session was late and the lecturers were worn out with the day’s events.  The students were left to enjoy the rest of the night.
No “Aerobics” was performed the final morning because all students were worn out from staying up late for the barbeque. The final day ended with the students’ questions and answers session, prize giving and closing ceremony. Quick clean-up chores were done around the site before a photo session took place by the beach. Due to a technical error the students and lecturers departed almost two hours late from the event venue and reached UTM at 6.00pm. In all, ESCAPE 2010 was successful and very memorable as the students had fun while gaining knowledge in this event.

5th ESCAPE 2010