Centre for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD)


The Centre for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD) is a Centre of Excellent (CoE) based at the Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Its role is to spearhead research and development (R&D) in urban and regional planning and development with a clear focus on nurturing innovation within an interdisciplinary platform. The Centre shall also play a leading role in fostering effective partnerships between academia, policy makers, NGOs and local communities in the search for new paradigms and approaches to create a sustainable built environment.

The value of the Centre is in alignment with the aspiration of the faculty and the university to be a leading research university and to achieve a world-class university stature.

The vision of the Centre is now: “To be a leading international research centre for innovative planning and development in the built environment.”

More specifically the Centre aims:

  • To provide high quality, multi-disciplinary, multi-facet approach to doing research in built environment;
  • To develop innovative knowledge, advanced technological and policy solutions for sustainable planning and development;
  • To promote a local, national and international networking among the academics and practitioners.

To achieve the vision and objectives of the Centre, the main missions are as follows:

  • Develop innovative and sustainable knowledge and technology in built environment.
  • Collaborate with local, national and international research institutes and government agencies to promote sustainable planning and development.
  • Disseminate experience and knowledge of innovative planning and development.



  • Key Research Area under each COEs or Research Group
  1. Urban & Regional Planning
  2. Tourism Planning & Management
  3. Rural Planning & Development
  4. Logistic & Transportation Planning
  5. GIS & Remote Sensing
  6. Sustainable Planning & Development
  7. Environmental Planning & Management
  8. Urban Design and Conservation
  9. New Regional Corridor Development



For further information, please contact:

Block B12, Level 4,
Faculty of Built Environment
81310 UTM, Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel : +607-5557338
Fax : +607-5530623