Master of Science (Transportation Planning)


Proper movement of goods and people are essential to the country’s development. For a developing country, the need for high quality transport and infrastructure facilities is vital to cater for both urban and rural development. The right policy and workable planning and engineering inputs are therefore very pertinent to the developing countries. To enhance professional understanding of the link between transport services, land use and economic development, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning is offering a M.Sc. course in Transport Planning tailored to the needs of developing nations.

Mode and Duration of Study
Mode of Study : Full-time
Minimum Duration : 1 1/2 years
Maximum Duration : 3 years

Classification of Courses
Classification Credits Percentage
1. Programme Core 18
2. Programme Electives 10
3. Research Project 6
4. Compulsory University Course (including Research Methodology) 6
Total  40 100

Award Requirements
For the award of Master of Science (Transportation Planning), the students should achieve a total minimum of 40 credit hours with minimum CGPA of 3.00, including the completion of Research Project.

Class Schedule (Sem 1, 2021/2022)