Possible Future Studio

Eco-Healing “One with nature”


What are the healthy future of our community?

As we all know, Bandar Sri Permaisuri is facing an overpopulation challenge. However, we believe that this challenge can be turned into an opportunity for enhancing our community and building a healthier future. One of the challenges that we face is the limited land size that we have compared to the human population. To cater to the growing population, we have witnessed a rapid increase in high-rise buildings in our area. While these buildings are essential for our needs, we also need to ensure that they do not have a negative impact on our health and well-being.


I imagine a future where the sky level is used to provide free vehicle areas that are filled with nature for pedestrians. The ground level will maintain the vehicles, traffic, and artificial lights. The sky level will be connected to all the high-rise buildings within the area, providing a safe and convenient pathway for the residents to move around the community.

We believe that this approach will enhance our community’s quality of life by improving our mental health. By providing nature-filled sky levels, we can create a peaceful and calming environment that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This will help us reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, which are commonly associated with city living.

In addition, we propose the integration of technology to complement our imagination of a healthier future. We can leverage technology to promote sustainability and reduce waste. We can install smart bins that use sensors to monitor waste levels and optimize waste collection routes. We can also install smart lighting systems that adjust brightness levels based on the time of day and the presence of people in the area.

Furthermore, we can use technology to promote eco-friendly transportation, such as electric bikes, e-scooters, and car-sharing services. This will help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and promote sustainable transportation.

In conclusion, we believe that by embracing our imagination and integrating technology into our initiatives, we can create a healthier future for Bandar Sri Permaisuri.

Thank you.