A colloquium was held at Urban Greening Institute, Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, Korea on 7th May 2013. The purpose of the colloquium is to present, discuss and share research findings among the members of Urban Greening Institute (SNU, Korea) and Greenovation Research Group (UTM, Malaysia), and simultaneously to develop a collaboration and establish networking. Three (3) members from Urban Greening Institute and five (5) members from Greenovation Research Group have presented their research during colloquium. The presenters and their presentation titles were:

  1. Cho Yong-il (SNU) – The Introduction of GBCC (Green Building Certification Criteria).
  2.  Chun Hyun-Jin (SNU) – Interpretation of Cultural Landscape at Chinatown Commercial Street in Korea.
  3. Teoh Mei Yee (SNU) – Interpretation of Cultural Landscape in Traditional Malay Village: Case Study of Padang Changkat Village in Malaysia.
  4. Khazainun Zaini (UTM) – Effectiveness of Gated Community in Providing Safe Outdoor Spaces for the Residents: A Theoretical Framework.
  5. Hesham Omran Elfartas (UTM) – Residents’ Perception on Contribution of Urban Square to Social Interaction among Malaysian Ethnic Groups in Small Town.
  6. Nor Fadzila Aziz (UTM) – Developing Maps of Affordances for Children’s Environmental Learning at Primary Schools in Malaysia.
  7. Hazlinda Abd Aziz (UTM) – Green Corridors: Linear Conservation Areas for Urban Wildlife.
  8. Wan Saiful Nizam Wan Mohamed (UTM) – modeling of Street Network Connectivity to Evaluate a Good Pedestrian Wayfinding of Small Town in Malaysia.