Public Lecture, AR Sundra Rajoo Public Lecture, AR Sundra Rajoo

Public Lecture by Ar Sundra Rajoo

Mr Sundra Rajoo, a Professional Architect and Town Planner and a specialist in construction law and arbitration has delivered a lecture titled “The Conduct of the Arbitration Proceedings” on Monday, 15 January 2007 from 9.00am to 1.00pm at Bilik Seminar FAB. The lecture was organised by the Construction Contract Management team from the Department of Quantity Surveying.

The talk was well attended by about 25 post-graduate students undertaking the MSc Construction Contract Management course and 60 undergraduate students comprising of students from the Quantity Surveying and the Construction course. Lecturers from the faculty as well as within the university were also invited to attend the talk.

The talk highlighted the principle of law in regard to the conduct of arbitration proceedings together with relevant case law. Arbitration Proceedings may be conducted in many different ways as there are no fixed rules of procedure. Being a Chartered Arbitrator, Ar Sundra Rajoo explained in great detail on how an arbitrator would conduct the proceedings commencing from oral hearing, drafting the arbitration agreement, choice of the arbitration rules, types of arbitration approach and the preparation of the award.

In conclusion, he commented that the parties in dispute are free to agree in the arbitration agreement on the procedure that should be adopted and what powers the arbitrator should have in the event of an arbitration taking place.