Research Topics

Topics for postgraduate research. For further information and discussion, please contact the respective professors.

Associate Professor Dr Ismail Said (
Restorative Environment
1. Typology of landscape spaces in hospitals
2. Performances of pediatric patients in garden towards recovery
3. Somatic measures on children recovery experiencing gardens in hospital
4. Perception of adults versus children toward greenery in hospital setting
5. Impact of viewing garden on bed-ridden patients in healthcare setting
6. Hospital garden design composition for children: Plant and animals versus play equipment
7. Restorative qualities of urban home gardens

Children and Outdoor Environment
1. Affordances of village landscape on children’s functioning: A case study of fishing village
2. Landscape as Playscape: The effects of natural streams and rivers on children’s play and motor development
3. Affiliation of middle childhood children on outdoor environment
4. Children’s evaluation on natural environments as play space
5. Parks and gardens as phenomenal landscape for young children
6. The natural environment as playground for children: The impact of outdoor play activities in terraced house community
7. Understanding of children’s ecological system of home garden
8. Affordances of residential streets for young children functioning
9. Landscape planning of orphanage for children’s growth and development
10.Social interaction and transaction of children in landscape of urban residential community
11.Favourite places of urban children pertaining to sense of attachment
12.Teens perception of favourite place in urban community

Urban Design and Planning
1. Typology of open space distribution in towns
2. The role of rivers as urban greenway in towns
3. Evaluation of Green Plot Ratio of towns or cities
4. Parks and residential gardens as domains of place identity in cities
5. Significances of walkable green space for urban residents
6. Garden as experiential and social landscape toward sense of community
7. Linkage between wayfinding and pedestrian way system in small town
8. Establishment of Greenway in University Campus for Social Integration

Landscape Resource Planning
1. Resource planning of small island landscape for socio-cultural sustainability
2. Wayfinding in forest park: Recognition of forest elements to hike in forest

Dr Hasanuddin Lamit (
1. Heritage landscapes: meanings and values
2. Tastes in taditional or heritage landscapes or gardens: preferences and symbolic meanings
3. Malay gardens: preference and meanings
4. Rural landscape: impact of landscape change on communities
5. Revitalization of Urban rivers: impact of rivers on small towns or urban centers in developing countriessta
6. The landscape typology of Colonial Malayan Railway Stations and Settlements

Dr Mahmud Jusan (
1. Person-Environment : Congruence for architectural application
2. Sustainable housing development

Dr Dilshan Remaz Ossen (
Energy Efficient Design / Application
1. Urban design and conservation
2. Urban heat Island