WTUN for International Women in Engineering Day

Call for Speakers: WTUN for International Women in Engineering Day: #EnhancedByEngineering
As a member institution of the World Technology Universities Network (WTUN), UTM is pleased to share a call for speakers to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2024 on Wednesday 26th June, at 14:00 (GMT+1), via Zoom. Details of this event are as follows:
This year’s theme is #EnhancedByEngineering and we are opening this call for speakers to participate in a sharing session. We are seeking contributions from prominent speakers from WTUN member universities who have #EnhancedByEngineering people’s everyday lives and are helping to build towards a brighter future. We are suggesting that speakers deliver 10–15 minute presentations on a topic of their choosing which links to the theme of enhancing lives through engineering.
We would like to remind members that InWED is an annual event that centres and celebrates Women in Engineering but is not exclusively for women. We welcome all colleagues to participate in discussions around women in engineering at this event. We would like to achieve gender parity across the speakers in this event with women in engineering and the theme #EnhancedByEngineering taking central stage.
We are looking to create a programme to celebrate InWED which will:
• Highlight and celebrate women in engineering.
• Celebrate and acknowledge InWED 2024.
• Share best practices and include a sharing session on areas thematic to this year’s theme #EnhancedbyEngineering.
• Facilitate Q&As to speakers on their experiences as women or working with women in the field of engineering.
We welcome submission of abstracts and expressions of interest (EOIs) via email to wtun@bradford.ac.uk
The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 04 June 2024.
For other programmes information, kindly visit our Telegram – t.me/UTMmobility

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June 6, 2024

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