Mock Arbitration Session was carried out on the 24th May 2016 at Seminar Room 3, Block B03 organized by a group of 19 students of Master of Science In Construction Contract Management 2015/16 Cohort from the Department of Quantity Surveying, Faculty of Built Environment. The program was fully advised by Prof Madya Dr. Nur Emma Binti Mustaffa, The Coordinator for Master of Sience in Construction Contract Management, Prof Madya Dr. Maizon Binti Hashim and Mr.Jamaluddin Bin Yaakob, the lecturers for Arbitration subject.

They all gathered here to engage on an exercise of “Mock Arbitration” and enhance the students’ skill and understanding of arbitration proceedings.  Mock arbitration is similar to role play exercise involving parties presenting arguments before mock panel of arbitrators relating actual or hypothetical disputes. It generally reflects the actual arbitration proceedings. It may be designed in various structures according to the purpose of the exercise.

Arbitration institutions organised mock arbitration workshops to enhance their members’ quality and experiences on arbitration proceedings. Mock arbitration involves presenting summary arguments parallel with the arbitration structure to a panel of mock arbitrators chosen to reflect your actual arbitrator or arbitration panel. It helped student to play these three roles: critic, fact finder and advisor.

By conducting this event, lecturer and professionals will be able to evaluate students’ skills and knowledge on arbitration; students present their arguments before real judges as arbitrators.