On 29th April, Dr. Ismail Said brought two members of Green Innovation Research Laboratory (GIRL) to visit Prof. Johannes Widodo at the Department of Landscape Architecture, National University of Singapore. The members were Dr Kei Saito and Dr Hisyam Rasidi. In addition, he also brought a doctoral candidate, Widya Fransiska, and a master candidate, Nursuraini. The purpose of the visit were two folds: (1) to discuss on Widya’s topic of research on urban morphology of river settlement at Musi river in Palembang, and (2) to introduce young academics to Prof Widodo for research networking in aspects of urban morphology and landscape and micro-climate. Prof Widodo was generous to share his collection of historical maps and manuscripts on Palembang to Widya. Many of his collected materials were rare and thus not available in UTM’s library. Herewith, a photo illustrating Widya explaining her research inquiry to Prof Widodo.