The Faculty of Built Environment (FAB), UTM was host to a group of 21 students and 2 teachers from Seifu Nankai High School, Osaka, Japan on March 18th 2015. The group was led by Mr.Toshiyuki Iwawaki and Mr. David Eckford, teachers from Comprehensive and International Department, Seifu Nankai High School. The main purpose of the academic visit was to establish relations with UTM under the ‘Global Young Leaders Programme’. The programme provides a platform for young leaders of the future to play an active role in the betterment of society and attain a wide range of knowledge on economic, societal, technological and political issues through seminars.

During the visit, students were given two (2) lectures entitled Iskandar Malaysia Development and Tourism and Malaysian Socio-Economic Culture by Dr. Norhazliza Abd Halim and Dr. Nafisa Hosni respectively.  It is then followed by a group discussion amongst students from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, FAB and Seifu Nankai High School.

Mr. David Eckford, an Australian citizen teaching English at the school said that the programme is an initiative of the Japanese Government’s Super Global High School Program as part of an Overseas Study Program.  The visit is envisaged to provide an avenue for student activities such as student seminars, discussions, student exchange and academic tour.

The half-day academic visit ended with a campus tour led by Dr. Norhazliza Abd Halim.


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