Completed Projects

  • Assessment Model for Socially sustainable Affordable Housing Design for Low Income group in the context of Malaysia (2016 – Completed)
  • A Study Of Design Performance And Learning In Multidisciplinary Design Domains
  • Exploring Person Environment Congruence as a Design Framework for Sustainable User Centered Architecture. ERGS (2013)
  • Developing Means-End Chain Model as an Operable Research Method For Architectural Design Process. UTM Short Term Research (2012)
  • Role of Design in Inculcating and Developing Creativity and Inovation (2009). Researcher
  • Development of Personalizable Urban Mass Housing Unit Prototype. E Sceince Fund (79202) 2007. Researcher.
  • Personalization as A Means of Acheiving Person-Environment Congrunce, (2007). PhD Thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
  • Design of Madrasah- A case study on Madrasah in Malaysia Which are Managed By Private or Non Governmental Bodies. (2001)
  • Architectural Analysis of Architectural Firms in Malaysia. Human Resources Requirement. (2003)