SBEA 1513 Architectural History and Theory

This subject is only offered every first semester of the term. Currently in the process of adding this subject in blended learning MOOC.

The main objective of the course is to create awareness of the many kinds of architectural theories and language of world architecture. The course provides an overview of history of architecture in the world involving the Western and Eastern civilization; from classical to Modern times; with some understanding of the social and cultural values, political traditions, technological advancement, economic achievements as well as the environment that influence buildings and landscape.

My goal is to let students learn while having fun, as history can be quite a boring subject. Let us learn and have fun together.



Active learning in action




SBEA 1118 Design 1

Design 1 introduces the essential fundamental theories of design in architecture. Students undergo a series of design projects namely relating to 2D and 3D design composition and space articulation. The design exercises require an appropriate design process that shows development of skills perceiving, imagining, analysing and synthesizing. The first project is Abstract Painting while the second project is A Seat. Both projects are introductory exercise to heighten students understanding on basic design elements and principles. The third project is A Walk-thru Space is an advance architectural design exercise that allows the students to critically organize and define the space from the bigger medium to the details. Design 1 also includes an understanding of men and environment, ergonomics, anthropometrics and scale and proportion.